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One of the +20 illustrations i’ve drawn for my senior thesis! I’m working on a children’s book that tells about the dholes who lose their home and therefore are forced to look for a new one.

Anonymous asked:
Okay so I just want to say how amazing your art is, I love your style, I love those that are 'creepy' looking, I just LOVE your art don't ever stop drawing plz cuz its amazing

Thank you so much sweet Anon! After a long and rather stressful week, this message was a pleasure to receive. And yeah, i will keep my drawings coming!

I am a flower boiii

I ain’t got no responsibilities.

toxicpuppys asked:
I love your art so much 😍

Asdfg thank you very much for letting me know that you find my drawings likable! Receiving positive feedback always makes my day a lot better. [:

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