I’m Growing Flowers For You 

I’m Growing Flowers For You 

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gettheminthelight asked: Hey, I really dig your work! I'm currently getting a thigh piece designed (it's of a fox), and I'm compiling like 10 or so images to use as reference for style/shading/etc. would you be okay if I used the two latest pieces in your black dogs tag as reference pics? If it ends up being used and I post pics anywhere I'd obvs credit you, etc. :)


Whee, thank you! I’m glad that you like them :>

I must say that using any of my drawings as reference pictures would be out of my comfort zone. I’d feel pretty upset if someone clearly copied my style as well.

If you don’t mind hearing my opinion, i’d say that avoid copying/taking reference from other artists’ works/style. Gathering inspiration from others is fine, but try to keep your art unique, y’know? You can get yourself in big trouble if someone catches you drawing similarly with someone else. Artists and their fans/followers can get very, very angry and downright rude to those who appear as “copycats.” That kind of bad reputation is hard to get rid of as well.

Thanks for asking before taking an action though, it was very thoughtful of you! I appreciate it. 

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Anonymous asked: Hi! Can you post a selfie? Would like to know how you look like. :3 Just asking, it's ok if you don't want to.



Yikes. Hopefully a drawing works for you.

No photos this time because i haven’t taken any pictures of myself since forever and at the moment i look like garbageee

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Alright, i’m finally done with the requests now. Thanks for all the suggestions, i sure had fun with them. :>

Check out the whole dog gang on DeviantArt, if you want. 

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Requests are closed


Hey guys, hopefully you like dogs.

So, i’m open for requests today! This time the theme would be different dog breeds.

Send me an ask, tell what kind of pooch you’d like to see and i’ll draw it. Mongrels are fine too, just let me know what breeds you want to get mixed.

Obviously this is all free and open for everybody, you don’t have to be my follower or anything. Just give me something fun to do, please. :>

> List of dog breeds, in case you need assistance

> Message me, gogogo!

Alright, i’m putting this on hold now. Thank you for all the suggestions, it makes me super happy that i received so many of them. ;u; I wish i could draw them all.

I’ll draw a few more dogs during the weekend!

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